About Us

With over a decade of experience and over 7,000 lice treatments performed, you are in experienced hands when you choose Lice Treatment and Prevention Services in PA!

Having had experience working for all the “big brands” in the lice treatment industry, we’ve garnered invaluable experience on how to effectively treat head lice in a way that’s both safe and effective.  Because we are a locally owned business, we have the flexibility to offer the industry’s best lice treatment services at the lowest prices in Pennsylvania!  Our hometown-first mindset allows us to beat our competitors’ prices because we have no “big franchise” overhead.

We’re Passionate About Lice Prevention

Over the last ten years in the industry, Lice Treatment and Prevention Services has had numerous large scale successes that prove our method works!  We are often contracted by summer camps and have been successful in preventing outbreaks, in large part due to strict screening criteria.  When teaching staff on prevention measures, our motto is to Be Thorough, Not Quick.

We also work in close synergy with local school districts to help mitigate outbreaks that could happen in the classroom.  If any student walks into our retail locations with a card from the nurse, we take an additional 15% off of their treatment cost.

And because we know how easily head lice can spread, we offer multiple sibling discounts.  We take $20 off for each child after you pay full price for one.  If an entire household is treated, we offer you a 30-day guarantee that your lice and nits will not return.

We spend the time with all of our clients to teach them how to prevent future outbreaks!