Lice Treatment Process

Our method incorporates the use of special enzyme based lice spray that is organic, all natural and pesticide free. We never subject our clients to the harmful toxic chemicals that can be found in over the counter lice treatments. After our pesticide-free lice enzyme spray we utilize the strand-by-strand method to thoroughly eliminate head lice strand-by-strand. We check, and re-check every hair on your child’s head one strand at a time. Our Mechanicsburg lice treatment shops are comfortable, offering many amenities to keep families occupied throughout the process.

Treatment Costs & Guarantees

The cost for lice treatment is $175 on the weekdays and before 5pm, after hours and the cost is $195 Included in this cost is the products we use for your treatment, one follow-up head check after your initial lice treatment, and a 30-day guarantee* (if everyone in the immediate household is checked) that your head lice are gone!  Additional products are available for an added fee.

Lice treatment services are covered under most Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

* Our 30-day guarantee can only be applied if everyone in your household has received a head lice check on the day of treatment.